Pet Therapy (first part) – Dr. David Hepburn

Everyone knows that having a pet can bring a lot of happiness to a family but also can bring great benefits for your health. That’s why Dr. David Hepburn present to you 5 of the 10 benefits of having a pet.

  1. Get in shape

Several studies have shown that having a pet helps you get in shape. This, of course, is obvious if your pet is a dog as opposed to a June bug. You take the dog out to do its business because you get tired of him relieving himself on your pillow.  The dog has an innate reflex that makes him poop like a mastodon on the neighbour’s manicured lawn and then you both end up running like the new long-haired boy in prison. This interval sprinting and laughing can help you get in shape. One study showed that new dog owners lose an average of 14 pounds in the first year.

  1. Pets help people survive heart attacks.

Pet owners have healthier hearts and more pleasant heart attacks than patients who don’t have a dog or cat! Those who own a dog are eight times more likely to survive one year after suffering a heart attack. One study, conducted out of a coronary care unit, found that only 6 percent of patients who owned pets died within one year compared with 28 percent of those who did not own pets. Stroking a dog, watching a kitten tumble, or observing the hypnotic explorations of fish can lower blood pressure and heart rates. Heart attacks, however, did increase in pet owners who discovered their miniature dachshund pregnant and the huge Irish Wolfhound next door with a poop eating grin on his face to go along with the grin he normally has from eating poop.

Pet Therapy Dr. David Hepburn
Pet Therapy Dr. David Hepburn
  1. Pets are great for mental health

Between those times when they’re driving you mental. In fact, pet ownership even moderates the effects of mental illness. Patients who have pets are less depressed or anxious and show lower scores on the depression severity scale than those who do not own pets. So, if you’re feeling blue take two shitzus and call me in the morning.

  1. Beneficial hormones

A study out of the University of Missouri showed that within minutes of petting a dog, there is a massive release of beneficial hormones (in the petter) known to be associated with health and feelings of well being; beta endorphin, prolactin, dopamine, oxytocin, and of course good ol’ beta phenylethylamine. The release of these petting hormones not only induce a sense of pleasure and happiness but they also decrease the stress hormone, cortisol. The fish, however, were not thrilled with this study.

  1. Dogs are beneficial in speech and language development.

Dogs are instantly loyal and eager to please, perfect companions during the sometimes difficult speech therapy sessions. Therapeutic progress occurs more rapidly when dogs are involved.  A patient’s physical anxiety goes down as measured by lower blood pressure and heart rate, and less stress almost always equals a more productive session.

In the following post we are going to present to you the remaining five benefits of having a pet according to Dr. David Hepburn

Benefits of kissing -Dr. David Hepburn

Health Benefits of Kissing – Dr. Hepburn

Ten benefits of kissing by Dr. David Hepburn:

Remember your first kiss? I do like it was yesterday. “David, give Amaretto Auntie Hilda a kiss goodnight before you go to bed.” As awful as kissing seemed at age three I actually quite enjoy a good smooch now that I’m more mature, or at least older. Little did I know how much the pucker factor was/is simply improving my health.

  1. Helps keep the facial muscles toned.

A kiss involves 34 facial muscles (30 if you don’t speak French) and often 112 postural muscles in the rest of the body including those muscles that prepare you to run like really fast. According to my Uncle Vern, the three words he used to hate to hear while in the throes of passion were “Honey, I’m home.”

  1. More years living

Those who kiss their partner goodbye each morning live five years longer than those who don’t. Those who forget completely may not live past supper.

  1. Prevents three-eyed children.

Women tend to be attracted to male partners with a different immune system makeup from their own. Subconsciously they detect information about a partner’s immune system through smell during kissing and can reject a potential mate based on one kiss. And here I just thought it was the garlic and pickled eggs when, in fact, it’s just a different immune system. I feel better.

  1. Less cavity searches (by the dentist)

As extra saliva produced during kissing cleans the bacteria off your teeth. Hence you may select either a hearty floss or possibly a Heidi Fleiss. Thus kissing can be helpful to your teeth however should you be salaciously saliva-sharing with Moose’s girlfriend, possibly harmful to your teeth, as my Uncle Vern used to say.

  1. Can help you lose calories.

During a really, really passionate kiss you might lose two calories a minute – double your metabolic rate. Of course you might even burn more calories if kissing leads to other activities like, umm, basketball.

  1. Relive Stress

Due to the release of the calming hormone oxytocin kissing helps alleviate stress, unless it is with someone other than your spouse or dog, in which case the oxytocin is replaced by oxymoron.

Dr. David Hepburn advice: Kissing
Dr. David Hepburn advice: Kiss
  1. Natural antiseptic.

When we swap kisses we swap antibodies. There are powerful proteins in saliva that make it a natural antiseptic. New evidence suggests that these proteins may even destroy viruses. Animals lick their wounds because saliva has healing qualities and acts like an antibiotic. Personally, knowing what my dog has been licking I tend to take antibiotics after he zips his tongue into my mouth trying to get at those jelly beans remnants lodged in my molars.

  1. Gets rid of the owwie.

I know this is true because my mother told me so and she is bigger than your mother. The trust that is generated with a maternal kiss makes one feel loved with all the confidence that comes with it.

  1. Relieve sneezing and sniffling

A study in Japan revealed that thirty minutes of intense kissing can relieve sneezing and sniffling, caused by allergies, by slowing down histamine production. Of course this can get a little messy if it doesn’t work as kissing and sneezing at the same time suddenly makes fugu look good.

  1. Kissing can boost the immune system.

If you’re sharing your germs with somebody, you’re adding to your internal defense system. This has lead to an interesting line at the bars “Hey baby, care to snuggle up to a little Strep, a little bacterial buss. Name’s Vern.”

Follow the advice of Dr. David Hepburn and kiss more, apart from brightening the day and fell well, bring benefits to your health.

Sense of smell and Alzheimer´s – Dr. David Hepburn

According to Alzheimer´s society of Canada the number of people with dementia has increased considerably in recent years. Currently there are a little over half a million Canadians with dementia and around 46 million in the world suffer from Alzheimer. As we can see, it is one of the most important challenges for public health in near future specially if we considering that there is no cure for this disease at the moment and the average age of the world population is getting higher.

In consequence early detection can be very helpful. For this reason Dr. David Hepburn and Dr. Robert Sealey give you a very important advice to detect Alzheimer’s with anticipation and can be treated properly.

Dr. David Frederick Hepburn, David Frederick Hepburn, Dr. Hepburn, Dr. David Hepburn

According to Dr. Sealey an important research has suggested that loss sense of smell probably would be the first indication that a person could have Alzheimer’s. Conforming to scientists of this research the amyloid plaques which are responsible for the cognitive decline in dementia initially begin to accumulate in the part of the brain responsible for the sense of smell. As consequence, to note a loss of sense of smell should be the warning to see a doctor

Consequently Dr. David Hepburn comment that thanks to this discovery now we have an inexpensive alternative that can be done through the sense of smell, replacing brain scans in order to determine if early Alzheimer’s is setting in.

Alzheimer, Dave Hepburn, Medical AdvicesDr. David Frederick Hepburn

Therefore it is very important to be aware of our sense of smell as Dr. David Hepburn said because the early detection of Alzheimer’s can make a difference not only in the treatment to be followed but in the quality of life, once the disease is diagnosed.

Tips to live longer Dr. David Hepburn

“Die young at an old age…” Dr. David Frederick Hepburn.

The majority of people want to live more years and the most important thing is to live them well. That’s why Dr. Robert Sealey and Dr. David Hepburn give you the following recommendations so that you can live longer and better

  1. Exercise

The first recommendation is basic, exercise!. Although you do not need to lose weight, exercising is very important. As mentioned by Dr. David Hepburn: Exercising allows your body to release good chemicals for you, which help to you to feel better

  1. Sleep

The second recommendation is about restoring your body. Sleep, you must sleep enough for your body to recover. Sleeping well helps you to lose weight, to your memory and even to overcome of depression

David Frederick Hepburn

      3. Stop Smoking

One of the best things you can do to your health is stop smoking. In fact Dr. Hepburn recommends not only leave the cigarette but any substance harmful to your health such as excessive alcohol or heroin.

     4. Smile

As simple as it sounds smile can contribute to your health. Smiling helps to lower your cholesterol levels and your blood pressure levels.

     5. Drink Red Wine

There are several studies that show that drinking red wine in moderation, (which means  one or two drinks a day) provide antioxidants that reduce cholesterol and prevent heart attacks, even help prevent colds

     6. Eat Chocolate

Dr. Hepburn and Dr. Sealey point out that another recommendation is to eat chocolate. It is important to mention that the darker the better. This reduces the risk of cancer

     7. Lose Weight

Finally the last recommendation made by Dr. David Frederick Hepburn. Lose Weight (only if you need it).

Dr. Hepburn

Myths Dispelled (Second Part) Dr. David Hepburn

Continuing with the topic of the last postDr. Hepburn and Dr. Sealey keep demystifying some beliefs of the medical world. In this post they will try to educate us about some things that we have believed for a long time that affect our health despite the fact that various studies indicate that it is not true.

The first myth is about chocolate and junk food. It has always been thought that these two foods cause acne which is false according to Dr. Sealey. In his own words “acne is due to hormones which is a whole different problem bacteria as well. So go ahead and eat as much chocolate and junk food. You’re not going to end up with a pizza face it’s not going to happen”

Dr. David Hepburn

On the other hand, Dr. David Hepburn clarifies that despite popular belief that shingles is contagious. This absolutely not true, Dr. David Hepburn explains that “shingles is not contagious shingling is obviously not contagious shingles is a painful lesion that comes initially from the chicken pox virus and you tend to get as and you tend to get as you get older it breaks out in blisters but those blisters are not contagious. You can´t catch shingles from somebody who has shingles so that means you can just sidle right up to a men and not worry about catching it”

Another myth mentioned by Drs. Hepburn and Sealey was about aluminum and its relationship with Alzheimer’s. According to the myth cooking with aluminum pots and pans increases the risk of having Alzheimer’s but this is false. While it is true that in the brains of people with Alzheimer’s was found 30 times more aluminum than in a person without this disease the truth is that several studies have proven that the aluminum does not come from the pots used for cooking therefore this it is a myth.

The third myth is about vaccines. Dr. David Frederick Hepburn pointed out that it is completely false that vaccines cause autism. “It has been proven that there is no relationship. Vaccines do not cause autism.”

Dr. David Frederick Hepburn

Finally Doctors spoke about spicy food. It is false that spicy food causes ulcers. So you know, you can eat a lot of spicy without worrying about an ulcer

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Dizziness By Dr. David Hepburn and Dr. Sealey

Have you ever felt dizzy?

Dr. Hepburn and Dr. Sealey state that dizziness can mean different things to different people and it could be lightheaded or vertigo where you actually truly feel like you’re moving or the room it’s moving about you.

Dr. David Frederick Hepburn


Dr. David Hepburn mention “I’lltell you that dizziness is not uncommon which is another way of saying course is dizziness is common and yes we differentiate between whether it is alight headedness where you’re going to feel like you’re going to faint or the sense that the external environment is spinning about you and that is vertical” Dr. Hepburn explains that one of the most common reasons for dizziness is something called “positional vertigo benign positional brit”

Dr. David Hepburn emphasizes that is called benign because “what happens sometimes with age is there are little stones that build up inside our ears are very small canals of our inner ears and when you turn quickly in a certain way or you get off of the bed you may get the sense of a spinning sensation”. This can be diagnosed and even treated

David Frederick Hepburn

According to Dr. David Frederick Hepburn another cause of vertigo is something called labyrinthitis which is a little virus that can get sit in the middle ear that causes the spinning sensation, once again Dr. Hepburn mention this treatable.
Dr. Hepburn ended by pointing out that “if your head is spinning and you’re not blonde make sure you see your physician and get that treated”

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Death By Chocolate Dr. Hepburn and Dr. Sealey

Is it good or bad for your health to eat chocolate? Through the “Wisequacks” program, Dr. Hepburn and Dr. Sealey explain the health benefits of eating chocolate. At the begging, Dr. Sealey said that the doctor prescribes “a whole ton of medications various colors and shapes and sizes and not many people really enjoy them but there is a medicine that is actually fairly easy to digest, the chocolate”


Chocolate, according to Dr. David Hepburn and Dr. Sealey brings several medical benefits but it is important to know that are some specific chocolates that produce greater health benefits. Dr. Sealey mention “apparently the chocolate has to be a certain type most people crave the milk chocolate but chocolate the darker the better and if it has a higher content that’s right cocoa bean that’s better for you”

Dr. David Frederick Hepburn

The doctors point out that these types of chocolates are rich in antioxidants and omega-3s achieving as a consequence that its consumption cleans up our arteries and prevents a lot of diseases. In words of Dr. Sealey eat chocolate “reduces things like our cholesterol and our blood pressure may even prevent diabetes. Studies show that people who eat a lot of chocolate not only look smarter but acts smarter” however it must be emphasized that in order to see the benefits in our health, chocolate must be bitter and the higher percentage of cocoa the better.

Dr. David Hepburn claimed “chocolate lowers your blood pressure is good for your heart good for your mood”

David Frederick Hepburn

Finally, Dr. David Hepburn and Dr. Robert Sealey urged you to consume more chocolate with a high cocoa content and thereby improve your health.

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