Myths Dispelled (First Part) Dr. David Hepburn

How many times have you heard that if you read in the dark you will hurt your eyesight?
This is false. As well as this myth, there are many others in the world of medicine. In this post, Dr. David Hepburn and Dr. Sealey tell you some of the most common myths.

Dr. David Frederick Hepburn

The first, as we said at the beginning, is that Dr. David Hepburn points out is false. In his own words “reading in dim light can damage your vision well that’s not true. Reading in dim light can not damage your vision it can cause you a bit of eye strain but will do nothing to your vision.

Other medicine myth is regarding colds and the climate, Dr. Sealey explains, it is very common to think that there is some relationship between climate and colds but this is completely false. Quoting Dr. Sealey “another myth we he are specially in the winter months in the West Coast is cold wet weather causes colds and flus well of course that’s not true despite what mum told us we want to stay out of the damp chilly stuff but it doesn’t cause colds. Colds are due to respiratory infections from about 200 different viruses”

David Frederick Hepburn

Following the same problem Dr. David Hepburn enlists a third myth that is very common which is you need antibiotics for colds. Of course this is not true. Dr. David Hepburn states “We still have people coming in to the office do not come into our office ifyou have a cold there is no reason to do that. You don’t need to see adoctor and you don’t need an advisor for colds”
Another common myth according to Dr. Hepburn and Dr. Sealey is about cracking your knuckles which is commonly attributed as a cause of arthritis. This is false actually it may help to prevent this disease as the doctors mentioned. This conclusion was based on a studio made by the Johns Hopkins University. In this studio was proved that “by cracking knuckles or any joints themselves it improves the lubrication the joint kind of opens it up so it actually reduces your risk of arthritis so go ahead and crack up all you”

David Frederick Hepburn

This is the first part of Myths Dispelled by Dr. David Hepburn and Dr. Sealey. Keep tune for the next post

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