Bladder Matters Dr. David Frederick Hepburn

Dr. Hepburn and Dr. Sealey In their well-known program, Wisequacks talked about the importance of taking care of urinary incontinence.

First at all Dr. David Hepburn begun saying that “Urinary incontinence is an under-diagnosed and under-reported medical condition that affects whopping a number of you but it takes about six to nine years for the average person with urinary incontinence to come to a doctor” Dr. Hepburn emphasize that for some reasons and social stigmas a lot of people do not visit doctors for this problem.

David Frederick Hepburn

Dr. Sealey accentuate that one main problem is the syndrome called “overactive bladder where I get this twitchy sort of contraction of the muscles and it makes me feel like I have to go quite frequently and urgently sometimes over eight times a day” This syndrome indicates Dr. Hepburn and Dr. Sealey affects about 1 in 6 adults

Dr. David Frederick Hepburn mention that if you have this problem is a pathology and it is very important to see a Physician which helps you with this and actually there are a lot of things that you can do to treat this syndrome. On the other hand Dr. Hepburn commented that there is another type of incontinence called “stress incontinence” Dr. David Hepburn defines this kind of incontinence as one that is caused by the stress.

Another important incontinence is the one that “where if you laugh or a cough or sneeze you may actually leak a little bit” this happens a lot to the women “who have a weak pelvic floor from giving birth to say children or locomotive or a man who’s had a prostatectomy prostate”. The important thing as mentioned by Dr. Hepburn is that there are many ways to treat the syndrome and why you should not suffer from incontinence

Dr. David Frederick Hepburn

In the words of Dr. David Frederick Hepburn himself “there’s somethings that can be done don’t suffer for six to nine years with stress incontinence or overactive bladder syndromes there are lots of things that can be done ranging from medications of course to simple little procedures”

So remember if you suffer from incontinence or overactive bladder visit the doctor and have him take care of the problem.


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